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The Purpose of TBM’s mentoring programs, is to expose at-risk males, between the ages of 13 and 17 , to elements that will enhance their understanding of the role of a positive and productive member in today’s society.

They will be exposed to new environments, experiences, and positive relationships. By exposing these individuals to positive family, social, and work environments, we seek to broaden their horizons and make them aware of the many opportunities that await them.

Mentors will regularly accompany the youth to activities such as sporting and cultural events. Through group and individual interaction, community partnerships and the sharing of life experiences, we will foster new ideas and expand their life experiences.

Positive relationships are forged through communications and relating with role models within the community. These positive relationships will encourage the individuals to properly express themselves within today’s society.

We hope to make a positive impact by providing an opportunity to experience the many things that they ordinarily wouldn’t have experience in their current environment.

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"Leaders of Tomorrow" Scholarship Now Open for 2023-2024

The Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship rewards qualifying African-American male high school students who have shown leadership academically, as well as in the community.

Scholarships will only be available to individuals in the Washington DC Metro area. For more information email

Click Here to download an application.

Scholarship Award.

Tomorrow’s Scholar: $500

Tomorrow’s Leader: $1000 

Tomorrow’s Trailblazer: $1,500

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