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TBM Programs


Positive Youth in Motion 

Positive Youth in Motion (PYM) is a community based mentoring program that provides a variety of positive educational and cultural activities for at-risk youth.


These activities will be the foundation of our Mentoring Program and will serve as a means to develop today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders. Each individual will have the opportunity to be actively involved in community projects, interact with community and business leaders and visit places that will be educational as well as fun. All will be designed to reinforce and create positive relationships that they can build on.

Parental and community involvement is very important to ensure individual success. We encourage you to contact TBM and inquire about how we can work together to make a positive difference in the lives of today’s youth.


Leaders of Tomorrow

The Leaders of Tomorrow Mentor and Career Development Program promotes student success through a focus on academic achievement, prevention and intervention activities, advocacy and social and career development.


This program provides students with the opportunity to learn more about themselves while learning helpful life skills needed to succeed upon graduation. Furthermore, this program offers students the opportunity to improve their chances of obtaining academic scholarships, awarded by TBM and other organizations to assist with the growing cost of college education.


They also learn interpersonal skills before they have an interpersonal crisis. This program consists of four developmental levels that focuses on five major areas central to the program:


  • Developing Viable Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Candidates

  • Improving Academic Achievement

  • Improving Personal/Social Development

  • Educating Students in Career Development

  • Increasing Community Involvement




Giving ThanksGiving

Tomorrows Black Men is committed to “Give ThanksGiving” to 100 families this year. In order to reach that goal, we are asking individuals from the community to sponsor a family. Each $45 we raise will allow us to provide a dinner to another family. Please feel free inform others who may want to support our efforts.


Our Methods:

To ensure we stay true to our core values, TBM has identified the following methods that will be used to ensure mission success:

  • We focus on developing 21st century leaders. Our programs are built around developing a strong student profile/resume and experience base that will help young men obtain post-secondary higher education, scholarships and develop life experiences, leadership skills and strong character.


  • We focus on promoting positive messages and images. We recognize our young black men are bombarded with negative message and images each day therefore we seek to provide a counter balance of an abundance of positive images and messages.


  • Program activities will promote professional and personal growth as well as enhance self-esteem and develop readiness and self-help skills. We intend to nurture and equip young males to set goals and realize their dreams.


  • We seek to leverage existing community programs and industry best practices to expand program success.


  • Our programs includes education opportunities and activities for parents and guardians along-side of the programs for young black men because we realize that parents, and guardians involvement are critical to the success of the young black man.










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